Friday, 11 April 2014

What the Group has been doing.

As I mentioned in my Presidents Message our Group is up and running. It has been an interesting time for all the committee members and as President I have been learning the intricacies of NSW Fair Trading paperwork!

Our first meeting had 29 attendees and we have maintained steady numbers since then. I hadn't realised that so many were interested in family history.

March 4 saw our first formal meeting and the vote to accept or reject our new constitution. The constitution was a merger of two constitutions, with  additions and subtractions, to suit our group.   Members were sent a copy and asked for submissions. The committee looked at any submissions and these were discussed at the meeting. A vote was held and the constitution was accepted.

Our April meeting had us nomads back at Panania Diggers. This meeting was a workshop looking at six free web sites people can use. Some of the group were happy to browse each site, others had brought research, with the hope of finding answers. The squeals that were heard seem to indicate that there were some success stories. Another workshop is planned for our June meeting.

Our May 6 meeting will find us in our new 'home', the Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre. While the room isn't in the actual library, it is in the same building and we will be able to make use of the resources in the Family and Local History Room.

Why not join us?

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