Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What a fantastic meeting!

I'm to hyped up to go to bed, so thought I'd to my blog now.

Tonight we welcomed three new members, Paula, Frank and Peter. Paula had also become our minutes secretary, thank you. I hope that you all enjoy being part of the group and that you can also share your knowledge with the group.

We also welcomed Allan Murrin as our guest speaker. We could have gone for another hour, it was so good!  Allan gave a very enlighing talk on NSW birth, death and marriage records and the quirks that you can find. He also explained that transcription agents copy everything that is written in record, where those details might be left of a certificate. An example is if a marriage is dissolved, the transcription agent copies the details of that onto the marriage transcript as well. Useful to know. I know several members who are going to go back through their certificates, that have blank spaces and order transcripts to see if there is more information available.

Don't forget that August is National Family History Month. Check out your area to see what is going on or look at the National Family History Month web site for details.

Bye for now,

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  1. Congratulations on your Family History Month event.

    Allan always puts on a good show - pleased your members enjoyed it.