Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Happy New Year! No meeting this month but lots of exciting things planned for 2015.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Panania Markets

Bright and early, (7.30am) this morning, I set up our stall at Panania Markets. Paul came with me an carried our table and display board from the car to the spot. We were allocated the verandah of the library and as such were under cover and out of most of the breeze.

Teresa arrived about 8.00am and Paul decided to go home and Teresa went and got a cappuccino for herself and a welcome hot chocolate for me. Elaine arrived soon after and we three girls were soon 'spruiking'   the group!

People were interested and we handed out lots of leaflets and answered lots of questions. Just as there was three of us because at times were each had an interested person.  It will be February before we know if anyone, we spoke to joins the meeting. Several were interested in both the web site and the Facebook page, so we might pick-up some there.

Speaking of our Facebook page,  we have three new members added in the last 24 hours!

The markets were missing several stalls and there wasn't the crowds, that have been before. It was also the LAST Panania markets as council wants to re-develop the site.

Our spot.
I am foot sore and tired but had a great time promoting this group.
Bye for now,


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What a Year!


Twelve months ago this family history group was just a small spark that wanted to grow and now as we finish 2014, that spark has grown steadily and I thank you for that. Last night saw our last meeting for 2014, with a presentation from Rowan.

The evening started with me forgetting the computer cable, finding one, then the data projector not wanting to work and a room change! We will have to consider asking about using the community room as we have had problems the past few months, with the data projector.

We welcomed a new member, Graham, we hope you will enjoy being an active member of this group.

I remembered to take some 'show-n-tell', ok I remembered at 5.30pm that I should find something to take. I found a pair of cufflinks that Paul's dad had made, using Three Pence coins, from the 1940's.

I also showed a medal that Paul's Grandfather, Frederick Sigrist, was given in 1911, when the Eastern Suburbs, Junior League, Darlinghurst team were A Grade Premiers.

Our speaker was Rowan and he gave a very interesting talk on how he used the internet to find information on his Grandfather, Henry Harrison Brisco. Rowan showed us our using Google Books, you can sometimes discover real gems. He had a reprint of a book , that his ancestor had written back in the 1800's. Rowan also made us jealous, with one of his ancestors being born in Jamaica and others in the Court of French Kings. I felt I was watching an episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

We won a prize of a $200 book voucher from Gould Genealogy;  I purchased 15 books from their Unlock The Past series and the plan is to have a library for financial members, who attend meetings, being able to borrow the books, for a month. This has to be worked out, in greater detail. Watch this space!

We are also thinking of a Journal, either paper or e-journal, so get your fingers typing, as we will need articles. Watch this space!

I will have a table at the Panania Markets on Saturday 13th. Come and say 'Hi' or come and spend some time with me. This is part of our drive to increase our numbers. Any ideas on that are very welcome.

The discussion turned to the Society of Australian Genealogists;  This is a very worthwhile society to join, as an individual, something I recommend. I was asked if we were an Affiliate Member, no but I will look into the benefits for our financial members.

While I will blog, over the Christmas period, especially if I here of any 'free' trials, new websites,  I would like to take this time to thank my fellow committee members for their help and support in getting this group started. I would also like to thank the members that come every month for their support as well, without you the group wouldn't exist.

May this Christmas Season be a blessed one for you.

Our next meeting is February 2015.

Bye for now,