Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, today we are 1 and last night we celebrated!

We started the night in the Local Studies room, of the library and we were able to spend time browsing the resources and searching for information. The room has so much from old maps of the area, BDM's of several states, Windsor Church records, (no luck there for me) and much, much more. I know I need to spend days there, with my research.  One of the resources they do have is the Sydney Morning Herald, from the start to I think last year. Useful as TROVE only goes to 1954. Keep that in mind if you need information.

                                                This is just one end of the room.
                                           Members looking at family history resources.

                                          Using the computers. Now where is Aunt Maud?

We had to leave the room by 7.45pm, as the library closes at 8.00pm, so we adjourned to the café, where we celebrated our birthday.

I had the honour of blowing the candle out and cutting the cake. Thank you Ingrid for the number one.

We followed this with show-n-tell, something we enjoy as unique items are shown.
Elaine had a small coin holder, complete with sixpences and farthings!

Wendy has a very special item to show us. Her grandfather's bugle from World War 1. Granddad and the bugle both it home.
It is really beautiful and if only it could talk, what stories it must hold.

A highlight of the night was a 'tune' on the bugle from Margaret.
A wonderful evening to celebrate a fantastic year.

Thank you all for your support.
Bye for now,

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