Tuesday, 2 June 2015

President’s Report for the year 2014-2015

Welcome to the first Annual General Meeting for our group.

The past twelve months have seen the group maintain a steady attendance at the monthly meetings, with an average of 14 people at most meetings.

We settled in to our new premises in May 2014 and this has enabled us to promote the group, to the broader community, by leaflets left at local libraries, community hubs and an interview on the local radio.

We have had a range of guest and group presenters, with Jeni Madden giving the group a tour of the libraries’ Local/Family History Room, before the start of our first meeting, in our room.

Allan Murrin has given to excellent presentations, the first on NSW, BDM’s and the second on Family Search. Our use of technology was tested with Allan’s first presentation, when we were missing cables.

Several of the group showed us what family tree programs they used and explained how they worked.

Jeni gave a very useful presentation on preserving our photos and what to use.

We have had two speakers on Soldiers, with Ellen and Craig, sharing the knowledge about World War 1 Diggers. Kerrin, from the Canterbury Historical Society spoke on Enrolled Pensioner Guards, in Western Australia.

We had a change to the Committee, with Rosemarie Marsden stepping down as Minuets Secretary and Paula Tuffy taking over that position.

We have had two patrons, the Mayor, with Councillor Asfour stepping down and Councillor Downey becoming our patron.

We were awarded a $2000  seeding grant, in the Clubs Grant scheme. This has enabled us to cover our initial expenses and undertake publicity for the group. We have to report back to the Bankstown Sports Club on what we have used the money for.

We also won a $200 book voucher, from Unlock The Past, part of Gould Genealogy, for promoting the group on the National History Month Facebook page. We purchased  sixteen books and set up our own library. Ingrid O’Neil is our librarian.

We have been represented at two Botany Bay Family History Fairs, with mixed success.

Elaine, Teresa and I promoted the group at Panania Markets in December. Comments were positive and we featured in both local papers.

This year we have moved into Community Room 2 and have made use of the technology, with several ‘hands on’ workshops, so far this year.

In May we celebrated our first birthday, with several hours doing research in the Local/Family History room. This was followed by the cutting of a birthday cake, in the café.

Show and Tell has been a wonderful part of the meetings, with members showcasing interesting articles, that belonged to their ancestors. A highlight was a World War 1 bugle.

We have a website, Facebook page and our own email address and have just had a logo designed for us and it is now on the website. I blog to the site and Teresa keeps the What’s On page and the Photos page up to date. Thank you.

The committee are in regular contact and work well together, bouncing ideas around and working through any problems. One of our aims is to have guest speakers booked, in advance and up on the web site. This will enable others to see what is happening.

As President, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to my committee and to you the members, without your support and encouragement, this group would not be where it is today.

May we grow, in strength and numbers in the next twelve months.

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