Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blog Moving

No, this is nothing like moving house but because of our new website, we have a new blog home, This will be the first page of the new site. There is a small hic-cup with the photos but they will get there too. One can't rush progress, can one.

So bye from the old blog page.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

May Meeting

I spread the news of our meeting far and wide and we had two visitors, who saw our add in AFTC! Thrilled about that.  We had a really good turn-out and a past member, Val came for a visit. Good to catch-up.

Cassie Mercer, from Inside History, was our guest speaker and gave a great talk on Irish Wattle, convicts who were transported to Australia. This included two of Cassie's ancestors. She is an excellent speaker and I hope she will come and speak again.

Margaret showed us her Mother's Day present, a five generation photo, from her Dad back. The photos are beautiful. Such a wonderful keepsake.

Bye for now,